Office for Studies & Finance (OSAF)
Your Success Is Our Business

      OSAF Clients

OSAF has been a major consultant to international organizations,
government bodies, financial institutions, private and public sector entities,
as well as individual investors.  OSAF has also been a pioneer in Egypt in
paving the way for privatization of various business concerns, as well as a
major actor in national economic policy debates.  Throughout the years
OSAF has achieved a long list of successful and loyal clients.  We take
exceptional pride in that our clients consistently return to us with new
challenges and assignments.  OSAF's clients include:

* Ministry of Tourism, Egypt
* Ministry of Housing and Reconstruction, Egypt
* Ministry of Industry, Egypt
* Ministry of Economy, Egypt
* US Agency for International Development (USAID)
* European Aid (MEDA) Industrial Modernization Center (IMC)
* International Trade & Investment Missions Ltd.
* The World Bank
* International Finance Corporation
* United Nations Development Program (UNDP)
* National Bank of Egypt
* Misr Iran Development Bank
* Arab African Bank
* Industrial Bank of Egypt
* Arab International Bank
* Export Development Bank of Egypt
* Misr International Bank
* General Motors Corp.
* Development Alternatives, Inc.
* Cable & Wireless Telecommunications International
* Jordan/ France Telecom
* Overseas Bechtel Inc.
* Bechtel Power inc.
* Taba Tourism Development Company