Your investment Advisor In Egypt

In today’s global economy, emerging markets offer exciting investment
opportunities. Taking part in this rapid growth requires expert analysis of
risk - the key to achieving success.  As you consider Egypt, you will need to
base your investment and management decisions on sound business
information and knowledge of markets.  At OSAF, we cater to these needs
and aim to serve your best interest because
Your Success Is Our

OSAF, established in 1981, is one of Egypt's leading consulting firms
offering quality and diversified advisory services in finance, investment
planning, market research, economic policy analysis, sourcing of
equity/debt finance, and project promotion and development.  OSAF's
services cover all sectors of economic and industrial activity.  

Since the founding of OSAF 25 years ago, it has executed over 150 major
assignments and served a wide range of clients.  Such clients range from
multi-national corporations,  to individual investors including Arab and
foreign nationals, to international organizations such as USAID, World
Bank, UNDP and IFC - as they explore, invest, grow and diversify in Egypt.
Office for Studies & Finance (OSAF)
Your Success Is Our Business