Mission & Consulting Approach

OSAF aims to serve the best interests of the client with the highest
standards of confidentiality and professionalism.  OSAF's motto is
Success is Our Business"
and it is a theme which governs our
approach to each and every client.

By pursuing your business objectives, OSAF pursues its own, and
ultimately the overall economic objectives of Egypt. Your profitability
translates into growth, new jobs, and enhanced welfare for Egypt. The
building blocks we need to serve these ends rest in the quality and the
use of information, which we tirelessly seek wherever it may be. Such a
belief is basic to our mission and approach. OSAF translates this to mean
that its professional staff and associate consultants be of the highest
caliber to ensure that challenges are addressed, issues are tackled, and
solutions are recommended with the soundest of information, insight,
objectivity and expertise.

OSAF’s full service approach means you benefit not only from quality
research and analysis but also from the assistance of a multi-disciplined
professional team of consultants who interpret that information in light of
your individual goals.

At OSAF, a client is anyone who walks through our door whether an
actual assignment is involved or not.  As our clients differ from the
individual investor, to the corporate entity, to the government body, to the
financial institution, our approach is guided by the nature of the client and
his/her problem.  Thus, from the pre-assignment stage, we work closely
with our clients to identify the scope and breadth of the task required.  
Each assignment is unique, and, accordingly, the methodology and
approach is tailor-designed to match the particular needs of each
assignment.  A team is structured to address each assignment and a plan
of action is devised.  The team works closely with the client throughout
project implementation and follow up, so that the client's best interests are
sustained and maximized.

At OSAF, we believe that the key to addressing any assignment lies in the
quality of information to be attained.  In a market such as that of Egypt's,
we recognize that information can be a very rare commodity.  At OSAF,
we spare no resource or effort to seek information where ever it may be
and apply it through the expert insight of our top professionals and

OSAF was one of the first companies to recognize the need for such
consulting services in Egypt and through the years we have achieved a
long list of successful and loyal clients.  We take exceptional pride in that
our clients consistently return to us with new challenges and assignments.
Office for Studies & Finance (OSAF)
Your Success Is Our Business