Office for Studies & Finance (OSAF)
Your Success Is Our Business

      OSAF Services

OSAF has served various clients throughout Egypt and the Middle East.  
Projects have covered all sectors of economic activity including industrial -
from automotives to foodstuffs to textiles, agricultural - from irrigation
systems to crop planning methods to poultry, tourism - from touristic
villages to hotels to fun fairs, and the service sector -  such as restaurants,
transportation, infrastructure development, telecommunications,
healthcare and metropolitan goods distribution.  OSAF was one of the
first companies to recognize the need for quality consulting services in
Egypt.  OSAF services comprise:

- Feasiblity studies
- Investment valuation
- Capital & asset valuation
- Business turnaround
- Sourcing of debt & equity funds
- Corporate finance, accounting, corporate governance
- Cash flow management/ forecasting
- Investment portfolio management

- Business evaluation/ development
- Business promotion & ventures development
- Franchise development & negotiations
- Marketing research & statistical analysis
- Market studies
- Marketing & advertising strategy development
- Sales & distribution planning
- Sales forecasting

- Economic policy development
- Economic reform policies review
- Industry/ sector research & analysis
- Macro & micro-economic review & analysis
- Restructuring/ privatization advising

- Human resource development
- Organizational restructuring
- Management Information Systems
- Manufacturing Resources Planning
- Logistical & operations planning